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Q: how to vote for a future auctions

I am new here and I have read about the "voting system"

I saw also that I was rewarded with 100 voting points.

Now my question is: How to use them to vote for some auctions. I go at  the "send to auction / vote" section. I find some nice domains, but I don't know how to use my few credits to vote for them.

I have try to check the box (on the vote menu) or to click on the description or direct link to vote but nothing seem to let be able to vote

thank you to help --- I surely missed something  Blush
Voting is done using Voting points.
If you have Voting points you can click the Thumb Up ([Image: thumbsup.png]) Icon in the BidoPrice column in the "Send to Auction / Vote" Tab,
to vote for sending any domain to auction as a part of Bido's Vote for Profits program.

Bido automatically gives away new free Voting Points every Monday morning (9:00 EDT), to all Bido members who have ever either purchased or sold at least one item on Bido. 

Additional Voting Points  can be obtained by converting a BidoCredit to Voting Points, over the Payments page.

More info on the Vote for Profits program is found here:

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