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Q. How can I convert some BidoCredits into voting points?
I have enough BidoCredits in my account but i can not convert some BidoCredits in to voting points.
How can I do that?
There are 2 ways to exchange a BidoCredit with voting points:
1. When you try to vote, and your Voting Points have been all used up, and you have some BidoCredits in your account, the system will automatically suggest to you to exchange 1 BidoCredit into voting points, and then, on confirmation will exchange and place your vote.
2. On the payments page there is, on the left side, the overview of your BidoCredits. There you'll also find a link (exchange icon) that lets you exchange some BidoCredits with voting points.
More info on the Vote for Profits program is available here:

Bido also gives away free Voting Points every Monday morning (9:00 EDT) to all members, who have ever either purchased or sold at least one item on Bido.

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