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Q. What tools are available to Buyers in order to better scan auctions and follow up?
What tools are available to Buyers in order to better scan the auctions and follow up with auctions I'm interested in?
Some tools to help buyers better scan inventory, filter out and follow up selected auctions include:

- Live Auction List: here you can quickly filter out auctions, by various criteria like domain age, number of visitors to auction page , number of bids, name length, tld, etc.

- Download the auction list as Excel to view / filter offline in Excel. click the Excel link in the live auctions tab on the Bido homepage to download the auction list.

- Bido provides also RSS Feeds with the list of auctions : Feedburner: RSS:

- Follow us on Twitter (Live Auction Feed):

- Subscribe to the daily newsletter ("Daily Digest") with the list of starting auctions by checking the "Upcoming-Auctions List" on the "My Bido -> Settings -> NotificationSettings" page.

- Auctions on Bido can be added to your own "Watchlist". By clicking the "Watchlist" link in the "Live Auctions" tab on the Bido homepage, only auctions on your Watchlist will be shown.

- Keyword-Monitor: Add Keywords (or domain names) to be monitored to the Keywords-Monitor. Matching auctions will be then shown on your Auctions Suggestions page.

- Search: Use the utility to better find the right domains.

- BidoApp: Bido provides a BidoApp for mobile, so that you can follow up the auctions, and place bids, on the go.

- Use Proxy Bidding: All bids placed on Bido, once the BidoPrice has been met in a live auction, are automatically proxy bids: Bido will automatically place bids for you in minimal increments up to your max bid. This is useful especially if you cannot attend the auction at the time it ends.

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