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Q: How long does an auction last?
How long does an auction last?
Auctions on Bido are "events", and have 2 parts:

The first part (Upcoming Auctions tab on the Bido homepage) is the preview window, where bidders may preview the upcoming auctions and may also place a Pre-Bid on an item. The time an auction is an "upcoming auction" depends on the selling settings of the seller as well as on the Bido auction schedule and may variate according to the TLD of the domain name (some TLDs run in auctions grouped according to that TLD or have only limited auction slots).

The second part of an auction is the "Live Auction" portion. Once the live portion of the auction starts, it will run 4 days where the item was voted up to auction (default duration for a live auction). Sellers may however override the default duration of 4 days and choose a duration of 1 day, 7 days, or 14 days, alternatively, by accelerating the item to auction. Where an item was sent to auction by a bid of Buyer while it was awaiting votes, the live auction will be shortened, and will last exactly 24 hours.

Bids placed in the last 5 minutes of a live auction will reset the clock to 5 minutes remaining. No further time extension for auctions on Bido is possible, apart from the mentioned 5 minutes extension.

Live auctions are found in the "Live Auctions" tab on the Bido homepage.  Auctions that are up for preview are found in the "Upcoming Auctions" tab. Bids placed on upcoming auctions entitle the bidder to 2% cash back if the bidder wins the item in the auction.

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