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Q: Once I win an auction, how do I pay?
Once I win an auction, how do I pay?
Bido does not store your payment information on its systems. You must initiate your payments manually and enter your payment information each time you win an auction. To pay - please log in and visit page. Choose the purchased item from the dropdown, and select the means of payment. The available means of payment typically include: PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill, and Wire (bank transfer). All payments are approved manually, and you will be sent a notice when your payment was approved. This process usually takes anywhere from a few minutes to one business day (And for payment via Bank Transfer, up to 5 business days). Once your payment is processed and cleared, the seller will be notified automatically by Bido to transfer your item to you. There is a control panel located inside your account that walks you through all of these steps.

Another possibility, if you plan to make a lot of purchases on Bido, is to top up (preload) your Bido account via wire (bank transfer), and then use these funds on your Bido account to make payments for your next purchases. Bido supports transactions in common major currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, INR, CNY, ZAR, etc. 

If you require to make payment in any other means of payment not yet listed, or in any other currency not listed, please contact Support for a special arrangement.

Bido secures the transaction for all sales via Bido. This means that the buyer has a full Buyer Protection (also known as "payments escrow") when buying on Bido. The Buyer Protection works like this: First Buyer pays Bido, then Seller transfers the item to the Buyer. Only after Buyer confirms they received the item, does then Bido further pay Seller. As long as Buyer does not confirm receipt, the funds are secured by Bido, and will be fully and immediately refunded to the buyer in the rare event that Seller does not transfer the item within 10 days of payment.  Should Buyer prefer to secure a transaction over any other external escrow service, this is possible provided the Buyer pays the costs of such 3rd party escrow service. The Bido Buyer Protection (payments escrow) is provided for free for all sales via Bido.

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