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Q. How does Bido respect my privacy?
How does Bido respect my privacy?
Any and all of the personal details you provide on Bido is kept private, confidential and secure. By default only the nickname you have chosen on sign-up is public. You may opt-in and choose to show also your full name and your company name on your public profile, by editing your profile. Only Experts may have expanded public profiles with any additional infos (such as profile image, company logo, links to own Web pages, etc.) on them. Such additional infos are provided exclusively by the experts themselves, and solely they are the party who is responsible for the public content that they provide. Under no condition, also upon conclusion of a sale, does Bido disclose any personal details to the other party. Issued invoices do not include any details of the seller. Bido does not disclose any personal details to any third party without the prior and express consent of the member. Bido does not store any credit card or PayPal details on its systems. All data transport over the internet, where the data includes any personal details is encrypted using the highest available level of SSL encryption. Bido uses common best practices to protect its systems and keep them secure from external access by any third party.

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