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Q. My domains are listed for sale on Bido, what DNS servers may I use?
I have listed my domains for sale on Bido, what DNS servers may I use to promote sales?
Bido offers two types of a landing page for your listed domains:

(1) Park your domains with Bido: Initiate the parking over the "My Domains-> Domain Parking" page ,and set the Nameserver entries at your registrar to NS1.BIDOPARKING.COM, NS2.BIDOPARKING.COM. Your domain will be parked with Bido to maximize revenues from traffic to your domains. Once your parked domain goes to auction, the landing page automatically changes to redirect all traffic to the auction page, and once the auction closes, the domain is re-parked again. Thus, you may set the DNS-nameservers to NS1.BIDOPARKING.COM, NS2.BIDOPARKING.COM also when your domains is on auction, in order to have the auction page as the landing page for your domain while it's on Auction.
(2) Just redirect the domain's landing page to your listing at Bido: Set the DNS entries to NS1.BIDO.COM, NS2.BIDO.COM, and the domain's landing page will show your listing on Bido. Potential buyers visiting the domain are then automatically redirected either to the listing page (ofer page) where they can make offers - when the domain is not at auction, or to the auction page when the domain is currently at auction.

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