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Q. How can I verify ownership on domains that were submitted for auction?
How can I verify ownership on domains that were submitted for auction?
Bido offers many alternative ways to verify your ownership on submitted domains:

1) Bido tries to automatically send an email to the admin contact of the domain (as appears in the public whois record), with a link to click to confirm ownership. Please note that some TLDs (e.g. .co, .eu, .mx. etc.) and some registrars (e.g. GoDaddy) do not always list the owner's email on the public whois, and in such cases an alternative verification method (as listed below) should be used.

2) Bido checks the DNS records of the domain. Ownership on the domain is verified when the domain nameservers contain any one of these:
a) NS1.BIDOPARKING.COM, NS2.BIDOPARKING.COM (set these if you'd like to also park your domains with Bido, with an option to have a For-Sale link that refers to your listing page on Bido).
b) "THIS-DOMAIN-ON-AUCTION-AT.BIDO.COM" (add this one DNS record if you'd like to keep the current nameservers and the current use of the domain. This is just a dummy nameserver entry, that should be just added in addition to the already existing list of name servers. It has no effect whatsoever on the domain). Adding this DNS record to your domain also helps refer potential buyers to your listing on Bido, and it's recommended to use it for marketing, also after your ownership has been verified.
c) NS1.BIDO.COM, NS2.BIDO.COM (set these in order to point your domain to your listing on Bido without parking your domains. It is recommended to use these if you'd like just to redirect all domain visitors to your listing on Bido, without parking your domain).

3) Bido checks for your personal "Bido Verification Tag" anywhere on the public whois of the domain. You may find your personal "Bido Verification Tag" on your private profile page on Bido, and add it, via your registrar, anywhere on the domain contact data (e.g. on address field).
If you need to change anything on the whois record or nameservers, once done, please first check that the change has already taken effect on the public whois record. (Some changes take up to 24 hours to take effect). Once the public record has been updated you may click the 'verify' link next to the domain name on the Submitted Domains page. This will re-initiate the verification process.

4) Also, the Bido staff goes daily over the list of submitted domains that were not yet automatically verified, and tries to verify these manually. Please allow one business day for the Bido staff to go over the submitted domains and verify before submitting a support ticket regarding ownership verification.

If the above listed methods 1)-3) have been tried, but your domain has still not yet been verified for longer than one business day, please contact support to get the ownership verified.

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