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Q. I've just submitted a domain, why it's not yet listed among the auctions?
Once a domain is submitted on Bido, first the ownership on the domain will be verified. Once the ownership on the domain has been verified, the domain will be first listed on Bido in the "Send to Auction, Vote" tab. It will go to auction once it either receives enough votes (typically 10 votes) by the Bido community, or when it is accelerated to auction by the seller (using BidoCredits) or by a buyer (who places a bid while the item is up for voting). Voters vote on a domain to go to auction based on the likelihood that the domain will be sold on auction for the selected BidoPrice. 

In the case that the domain is not receiving enough votes, one thing you can do, you may consider lowering the BidoPrice. The lower the BidoPrice, the more likely your domain will sell in auction, and thus the more likely that it will be voted in to auction by the Bido community. Lowering the BidoPrice also resets the remaining voting time back to 30 days, while keeping the already obtained votes. You may lower the BidoPrice while the remaining voting time is between 0-28 days over the "My Domains->Submitted Domains" page. 

If you have verified ownership on your domain and you still do not see it in the "Send to Auction, Vote" tab one possible reason is that the domain was listed in the "adult" category. Such domains are visible only after login, and only to members who have have selected the "show adult domains" enabled on their content settings.
ntent settings.

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