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Q. How can I set a BIN (Buy-It-Now) Price for my listing?
I want to change the BIN (Buy It Now) Price for my submitted domains, how to do that?
You may add, change or remove a BIN (Buy-It-Now) Price at any time, even when the domain is at auction, over here: My Bido -> My Domains -> Submitted Domains , or when the domain is at auction also over only for the auction over here: "My Bido -> My Domains -> Created Auctions. There are no restrictions on that, you may change the BIN anytime and as many times as you would like. Also, the BIN price is automatically removed in the auction, once the price comes as close as 75% of the set BIN price. So an auction might close even at a higher price than the BIN price, where a bidding war is involved, and the BIN option has not been used by the bidders before the current price reached 75% of the BIN price.

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