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Q. How can I have a $1 auction? - forumuser - 17-12-2015

I noticed that the minimum reserve price (BidoPrice) is $9, but I would like to have the $1 auction. Could you please let me know how I could do that?

RE: Q. How can I have a $1 auction? - admin - 17-12-2015

Items that go to auction based on voting typically have the minimum bid suggested by Bido (currently $9, may change from time to time). Sellers may override the minimum bid suggested by Bido by editing the listing and choosing to start the auction at the BidoPrice. Should you prefer to run a "true" no-reserve auction starting at $1, this can be done by acceleration to auction. Acceleration can be initiated anytime by clicking the "Accelerate to Auction" icon on the "My Bido"->"Submissions for Auction" page or alternatively from your portfolio page (My Bido->Buy-Now/Offer pages) . More info about auction acceleration is available here: