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Q. How does Selling on Bido work? - forumuser - 17-12-2015

I'm new to Bido. How does selling on Bido work?

RE: Q. How does Selling on Bido work? - admin - 17-12-2015

In a nutshell, auctioning your domains on Bido works like this: Sellers submit domains for auction over the submission form. Listing is absolutely free. Submitted domains are then voted in to auction by the Bido members. Votes are given based on two factors: The quality of the domain name itself, and the selected BidoPrice. Basically, the higher the Quality and lower the BidoPrice, the better are the chances for the domain to be quickly voted in to auction. Once a domain receives 10 votes, it will be auctioned. The Bido members who have voted a domain up to auction receive a share in the sale proceeds once the voted domain is sold. Other options by which domains may go to auction, are: By seller's acceleration using BidoCredits, or by a Buyer's bid which is placed while an item is up for voting. Also, if an offer is received on a domain listed for sale on Bido, Seller may send the domain to auction using the offer as a starting bid.