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Q. What is "Your max bid"? - forumuser - 23-01-2015

What is "Your max bid"?

RE: Q. What is "Your max bid"? - admin - 24-01-2015

Once the BidoPrice has been met, all bids you place during a Live Auction go in as a proxy bid, and Bido will automatically bid on your behalf according to the auction scales up to "your max bid." "Your max bid" is the highest bid you want to be placed via Bido's proxy bid system. That means that if you place a bid in a live auction by which the BidoPrice has been met, your actual current bid will be based on the last bid placed on the auction and according to auction scales. Bido will continue to place bids on your behalf up to your max bid. If "your max bid" is outbid by another bidder, then the system is no longer able to place bids for you on your behalf, unless of course you raise your max bid. Bids placed during Pre-bidding (prior to the auction start - while the auction is in the Upcoming tab) are absolute bids (see How are Pre-Bids treated differently than bids during a Live auction?).