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Full Version: Q. What are the advantages of BidoParking? Why should I park my domains with Bido?
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What are the advantages of BidoParking? Why should I park my domains with Bido?
Experience shows each domain is performing best with different templates and ad-serving techniques than other domains, and that the best strategy is to divert parking among various templates / ad providers. 

Bido Parking is doing exactly that. Bido provides a meta optimization algorithm, that rotates the parking resources for your domain traffic across a network of parking providers. The algorithm then chooses for each domain: the provider, template and design that is performing best, for each specific domain individually. Bido releases you from the need to try out different parking companies and compare performance. Bido does this automatically for you. It regularly splits traffic across parking and ad providers, measures performance, and optimizes the distribution of traffic.

More infos on the Bido Parking is available here:

In addition, if you list your domains for sale on Bido, it makes sense also, at least for the duration of listing, also to park your domains with Bido. This way you can combine parking with a listing for sale, where the parked page will include a link to your listing on Bido. Also, Bido rewards sellers who park their domain with Bido while it is listed for sale on Bido, by granting them a lowered sale commission rate. More info is available here.