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Full Version: Q. How can I verify my account, in order to place bids?
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How can I verify my account, in order to place bids?
In order to place bids you will first need to verify your Bido account. You may verify your account by making a one-time micro-payment ($0.1) over any means of payment. This can be done over PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill, Wire, your choice. Alternatively, if you own any domain name you can verify your Bido account by verifying ownership on any domain you own. Should you require an alternative way to verify your Bido account please contact us over Support. Alternative ways include for example sending a scan of your ID/passport to support. The bidding authorization is just a one-time verification to demonstrate that you have payment means that can be used when winning, and by this one time account verification you become a verified bidder and may place bids on any auction.